16 Steps to Stay Healthy

“Like a fine wine, we grow better with age,” so the saying goes. That may be true of our character, wit and wisdom. Unlike a mature wine, however, human beings will not grow better with age if we sit around, all bottled up, year after year, in a darkened cellar. Most people know that aging gracefully is best accomplished by ...

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The Shrednado Workout

As featured in Men’s Health, the “Shrednado” workout is an intense series of jump training exercises that promises to make you fitter and faster in 21 days. The best part? You can do it anywhere. The Shrednado utilizes “jump training” AKA plyometrics (or “plyos” if someone asks you at the gym) – short, jumping exercises that force your muscles to ...

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Are digital health technologies really good for our health?

Startup Evidation Health uses data analytics to evaluate digital health technologies around the world. Countless entrepreneurs around the world have launched digital health companies in the last decade and more than 100,000 mobile apps are currently on the market—all with the goal of making us healthier. But how many of these companies have concrete evidence to support their health claims? ...

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