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The Diabetic’s Christmas

Sugar Plums – yes, really! (Photo by Larry Crowe-AP) Ah, Christmas! The very idea conjures up visions of sugarplums – whatever those are – to accompany the smells of cinnamon and pine that many enjoy every December. As a child, one memory that stands out is making Christmas cookies. Baking was some mysterious alchemy that mom and grandma took charge ...

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Mysterious Mistletoe

One enduring Christmas tradition worth preserving is kissing underneath a sprig of mistletoe, often suspended in a cunning way from ceiling or doorway. Any tradition involving kissing is worth keeping, am I right? But why mistletoe, exactly? Mistletoe – or Viscum album – is a parasitic plant that sucks the life force out of its innocent host tree, to the ...

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The Jean Broida Fit-for-Life Challenge

  From the televised days of Jack Lalanne (the “Godfather of Fitness” from the 1950s to 1980s) to Richard Simmons to Jane Fonda, exercise gurus have promoted the health benefits of getting up off your rear end and shaking your booty. People who, as youths, played sports or worked out, are better prepared to stay fit in the elder years, ...

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